TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

Hair Embroidery


Class Information:


Name of the Class: Hair Embroidery

Exhibitor: Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020

Time: 8am – 10am

Classroom: Atlantis Boardroom

Teacher Name: Suzie Vallerie

Sponsored by: Vallerie Needlepoint Collection 

Final Class Price: $10.00

Teacher Bio:

 Suzie Vallerie is the owner of The Enriched Stitch Connecticut and Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery wholesale designs. She has been stitching for 30 years and has written hundreds of stitch guides, as well as designed painted canvases.  

Detailed Class Description:

 Learn to create realistic hair styles with this design from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery 

What students should bring:

 8 x 8 Stretcher bars and normal stitching supplies 

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