TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

Lovey Dovey, Charley Harper


Class Information:

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Name of the Class: Lovey Dovey, Charley Harper

Exhibitor: The Meredith Collection

Date: Friday, March 20, 2020

Time: 9am-11:30

Classroom: Discovery Boardroom

Teacher Name: Tony Minieri

Sponsored by: Meredith Collection

Final Class Price: $50.00

Teacher Bio:

After graduating college and getting a degree in Research Chemistry, Tony found his artistic side. He started stitching as a hobby and soon found that he absolutely loved this art form we get to enjoy every day. He was fortunate enough to study with many national teachers that helped mold him into the designer and teacher he is today. He went through the National Academy of Needle Arts teaching certification program and has been teaching locally, nationally and internationally since 1993. Tony finds inspiration for design all around him. He has a fondness for interpreting the painted canvas and loves taking students on stitching journeys they might not have ventured on. Needlework and teaching are his passions and sharing what he knows a pleasure. He is always honored to be a part of any student’s stitching career. 

Detailed Class Description:

Feel the love of Lovey Dovey with the remarkable Tony Minieri as your guide through a Charley Harper best seller. He will teach you how to present this to your students as a successful one day class for your store and you will probably learn a new thing or two! 

What students should bring:

10 x 10 Stretcher bars, tacks, and normal stitching supplies 

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