TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

Pumpkin Stand-up with Stumpwork


Class Information:


Name of the Class- Pumpkin Stand-up with Stumpwork

Exhibitor- Kate Dickerson

Date- March 22, 2020

Time- 8am- 10am

Classroom- Discovery

Teacher Name- Elaine Aidonidis

Sponsored by: Kate Dickerson

Cost: $45.00

Teacher Bio

Elaine Aidonidis has always had a love for needle arts. She began knitting and cross stitch as a child, and was introduced to needlepoint about 15 years ago. Elaine worked and taught at a LNS outside of Boston for 9 years until deciding to branch out on her own as a teacher and stitch guide designer. She has held stitch & chat groups and specialty classes in several different shops in Boston, Cape Cod and Nantucket, as well as Merrick, NY, and TNNA in Portland, OR. Elaine has developed a passion for colors, fibers and stitch selections that make a canvas come to life, and help students of all levels enjoy their learning experience. 

Detailed Class Description:

  The pumpkin is 6” wide, on 18 mesh and will be stitched with lots of fun stitches and threads/beads. What makes it interesting is that a separate pattern for the leaf will be included with instructions on making a puffy, embroidered leaf out of fabric, that will be attached to the finished piece. Elaine also plans to do add curlycue tendrils of wire. All supplies will be included in the kit and class time will focus on the stumpwork/embroidery parts of the piece. 

What students should bring:

 All supplies will be provided, student to bring normal stitching supplies i.e scissors, magnifier, table stand or clamp. 

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