TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020TSNS March 20th-23rd 2020

Spring Tree


Class Information:

Name of the Class: Spring Tree

Exhibitor: Love You More

Date: Friday, March 20, 2020

Time: 1pm-3:30pm

Classroom: Endeavor Board Room

Teacher Name: Lisa Rusche

Sponsored by: Love You More

Final Class Price: $90.00

Teacher Bio

  Lisa Rusche learned how to needlepoint from her mother at the young age of 10.

Lisa never stopped stitching and her joy for needlepoint grew into a passion.

That passion led Lisa to doing something bold and drastic, she opened her own needlepoint shop, Nashville Needleworks.

Lisa’s shop flourished from day one, and she did not look back. Nashville Needleworks became a destination shop hosting several retreats a year. The shop grew from a humble size of 650 square feet to 2200 over a 5-year period.

During this time Lisa discovered she had a talent for teaching, and she enjoyed teaching above everything except of course stitching itself.

Lisa explores and pushes the boundaries of conventional stitching.

She soaks in every challenge to create unique and interesting combinations. Her greatest joy in teaching is assisting in those frustrating WIP’s that need an experienced eye to enhance the canvas and bring it to completion.

After Lisa sold the shop, her sister, Emily, created Love You More Designs and Lisa joined her.

Now with a new chapter in her life, Lisa is traveling to shops and teaching classes on finishing WIPs, ribbon work and all other things needlepoint!

Detailed Class Description:

Purl threads, beads, sequins and silk ribbon bring this tree to life. 

What students should bring:

 13 x 14 Stretcher Bars, Scissors, and Normal Stitching Supplies   

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